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The Future of Real-Time Imaging

The forefront of medical imaging innovation, providing real-time, non-invasive insights into gene therapy and osteoarthritis. Our bio-responsive MR imaging agents deliver unprecedented accuracy and clarity, enabling researchers and clinicians to visualize the invisible and make informed decisions that drive better outcomes.

Unprecedented Accuracy.
Real-Time Clarity.

Embrace the future of medical research and treatment with PreDx. Our advanced imaging technology is capable of transforming the way you conduct trials and treatments. Accelerate your progress, improve your insights, and revolutionize your research with our bio-responsive imaging solutions. Take the first step towards the future of in vivo imaging for scene cent cells and gene therapy.

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Empower Your Trials to Take You to Market

Follow the effect of your gene therapy or senescent cell treatment in the same subjects over time. Using PreDx's technology, researchers can more effectively evaluate the efficacy of treatments through real-time monitoring of gene expression and senescent cell activity.

De-risk Development

The only technology that non-invasively quantifies the presence and activity levels of senescent cells in osteoarthritis and biodistribution and activity levels of gene therapies.

Lower Costs

No need to wait for physiological symptoms to present. Detect senescent cells and gene expression early and monitor their impact continuously.

Accelerate Preclinical and Clinical Trials

Quantify in vivo senescent cell presence and gene expression and activity via non-invasive MR Imaging, enhancing the speed and accuracy of your research.

Follow the delivery of therapies in the same animals over time.

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