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Illuminating Gene Therapy's Invisible Revolution
The Technology

Imagining in Real Time

PreDx has developed a unique magnetic resonance (MR) imaging technology for real time reporting of successful gene therapy in living animals. The PreDx technology is based on proprietary MR imaging probes activated in the presence of  inserted gene expression products.

X. laevis 8 cell stage injection
MR Imaging at 11.7T 3DSE TR/TE=200/5ms 30 micron cubic voxels 


Customized Bio-Responsive Contrast Agents (BCAs)

PreDx’s unique bio-responsive contrast agents (BCAs) allow researchers and clinicians to “watch” changes occur in the physiological state of an animal or patient undergoing gene therapy; the BCAs are triggered to turn from “off” to “on” when they encounter the specific enzyme expressed as the result of successful gene therapy.

Real-Time Therapeutic Efficacy Evaluation

This technology non-invasively tracks enzyme activity in vivo after gene therapy. In real time, the BCA's response closely matches the enzyme's activity level and location with a stronger response indicating greater enzyme activity.


Pre-Contrast MR images of mouse brain 30 days post AAV gene therapy. 


Post-contrast with agent injection. 


A quantitative representative intensity level heat map


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