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Our Mission

Facilitate a new diagnostic paradigm in the fields of gene therapy and senescent cells, where the presence, progression, and treatment efficacy can be observed and assessed in real-time.

We work collaboratively with innovators driving progress for the betterment of patient care and disease treatment worldwide.

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Our Story

In the early 2020s, a visionary team of seasoned professionals, led by Thomas J. Meade, embarked on a transformative journey with the creation of PreDx, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the imaging of both gene therapy and osteoarthritis.

By developing unique bio-responsive contrast agents (BCAs), PreDx's technology allows for the real-time, non-invasive monitoring of gene expression and senescent cells in osteoarthritic joints. This breakthrough stands alone in its capacity to make visible the previously unseen in these fields.

The concept is simple but elegant: BCAs can detect repaired or inserted gene expression products and senescent cells, triggering a measurable change in contrast on MR images. They are capable of visualizing the physiological changes associated with gene therapies and osteoarthritis, offering valuable insights into the distribution and activity levels of these processes, something that was previously unattainable by non-invasive means.

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Thomas J. Meade (Founder) is a distinguished professor at Northwestern University across multiple disciplines, has made a significant impact in the field of biotechnology, founding five innovative companies focused on revolutionary medical diagnostics and treatments. His entrepreneurial prowess is exemplified by the success of Clinical MicroSensors, which was sold to Roche in 2021 for $1.8 billion, demonstrating the immense value of his pioneering work.

Kurt Zoller (CEO) is a prominent leader in the health sector, utilizing his expertise in marketing and communications to create impactful campaigns, notably managing a $10 million budget at Northwestern Medicine and fostering growth of over 150% at Epsilon Healthcare. His accomplishments extend beyond the corporate world, as he's demonstrated commitment to community service as president of the Wilmette Rotary Club and marketing committee leader for Prevent Blindness, reinforcing his multifaceted influence in healthcare and beyond.

Experienced Leadership

Meet the Team

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