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Real-Time Imaging of Osteoarthritis

Introducing a revolutionary approach to osteoarthritis diagnostic monitoring, where advanced imaging makes the invisible visible. Our bio-responsive MR imaging agents enable the precise visualization of senescent cells in osteoarthritic joints in real-time.

Unprecedented Accuracy.
Real-Time Clarity.

Embrace the future of osteoarthritis research today. With PreDx, you gain access to our groundbreaking imaging technology, capable of transforming the way you study and treat osteoarthritis. Accelerate your progress, improve your insights, and revolutionize your research with our bio-responsive imaging solution. Take the first step towards the future of in vivo imaging for osteoarthritis.

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Empower Your Trials to Take You to Market

Monitor the presence and effects of senescent cells in osteoarthritic joints over time. Using PreDx's technology, researchers can more effectively evaluate the efficacy of senolytic therapies through real-time imaging of senescent cell distribution and activity.

Early Detection

Identify and map senescent cells in joints, providing early and accurate diagnosis.

Monitor Progress

Continuously track the effects of senolytic and anti-inflammatory therapies optimizing treatment plans for better patient outcomes.

Aid Therapy Development

Gain valuable data on the presence and activity of senescent cells,

Track the progression of osteoarthritis therapy in the same subjects over time.

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